AHLBRANDT® Know-how in
surface technology – for over 50 years.


Start 1964 Construction of switch cabinets for Windmöller & Hölscher 

1968 Hot-air dryer for printing machines

1975 Patent for corona treatment with quartz electrodes

1976 Production of corona systems

1978 Staff of 50

1980 Exhaust device with electrode cooling

1980 Move to new buildings

1986 Underpresure treatment in a continuous process

1987 Mixing chamber to increase the recirculation share in gravure printing presses

1991 Needle recesses

1991 Cleaning of material webs with spray electrodes

1993 Separator for ozone for exhaust air cleaning

1994 3D Treater for molded part treatment

1995 Move to larger production halls

1996 Plasma systems for treatment in a nitrogen atmosphere

2000 Corona systems with aerosol metering

2003 Staff of 100

2003 Expansion - two new halls

2004 Easy-change system with removable electrode

2004 Release of the new generation of generator TG 3000

2005 Plasma systems for metering of aerosols in a nitrogen atmosphere

2006 Corona systems with a web speed of 1000 m/min

2006 Rotor spray systems for moistening and coating of web material

2008 For 40 years, the main supplier for hot-air dryers to Windmöller & Hölscher

2008 Dryer for solar modules

2009 Corona with replaceable electrode modules

2010 Panel treater for panel treatment

2011 Spray coating for metal coil production

2012 Series start of the Corona Narrow web  

2013 UL certificate for all common corona systems

2014 50-year company anniversary

2014 Move to our new office building

2014 Inauguration of technology center

2014 New Web Process Line coating system

2015 Sale of the 1st Web Process Line

2015 Upgrade Easy Change System

2015 Series start of corona for sheet printing

2016 Series start of Plasma Treater "3D Ions PT"

2017 Change of shareholder to Baldwin Technology Company Inc.





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