Environmental awareness in CAPITAL letters!

For Ahlbrandt System, the term “Think green” ist much more than mere orientation.
It’s an attitude that clearly expresses our deep value of nature and the environment.
This awareness is reflected in our energy-efficient products.

To name but a few examples:


In our corona pretreatment

  • Surface treatment with air as a raw material
  • Single-stage, dry finishing process
  • Low energy consumption approx. 1 kWh per 3000 m² foil
  • Efficient and even electrode cooling with exhaust air
  • No environmental pollution thanks to catalytic exhaust air purification

In our coating

  • Low chemical consumption through thinnest applications
  • Unilateral finishing halves energy and chemical consumption
  • Water-based liquids without solvent
  • Resource- and cost-effective through precise dosage of application quantity
  • Optimized coating results with minimized application quantities

In our drying

  • Energy-saving nozzle systems
  • Low radiation losses through complete insulation
  • Minimal energy consumption through hot-air recycling
  • Energy-saving mode with temporary web stop
  • Regenerative use of existing energy sources such as steam and thermal oil

We are also continuously dedicated to optimizing our processes to save resources.
This environmentally friendly approach also manifests itself through the facts that we use geothermal energy as renewable energy, actively uphold material recycling, have made a significant expansion to planted areas on our premises and only use the most advances filtration systems.

With "Think Green", AHLBRANDT assumes responsibility for helping the company and you as a customer to make decisive contributions to protecting the environment.

We place utmost importance to passing such environmentally friendly conduct down to future generations.



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