Rotor Spray System

Coating and moistening - even and precise

Example applications



  • Finishing: Antistatic, anti-microbials, hydrophilic, primer


Metal strips

  • Coating: Passivation, corrosion protection 



  • Moistening for sanforising and roll compaction
  • Equipment: Antipilling, anticreasing, antistatic, antimicrobial, flame retardant, optical brightener, water/oil/soil repellent, hydrophilization

Film and foil

  • Coating: Antifog, antistatic, antiblock, release, primer


  • Even moistening in the finishing process with exact flatness (e.g. grinding paper)
  • Moistening for better fiber adhesion before the stamping processes (e.g. tissue, toilet paper)
  • Equipment: Aloe Vera, vitamin E, softener
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